Overseas Doctor’s Guide to living and working in the UK

A new book was published in December 2021 about overseas Doctor’s guide to living and working in the UK. The introduction of the book mentioned that every year a large number of Doctors from all over the world come to the UK for various reasons. Perhaps the most important one is the desire for further medical education and for scientific and knowledge communication, and to gain experience through activities and events by British medical institutions and Royal Medical Colleges in their various specialities. A visiting Doctor to the United Kingdom may be able to find an opportunity to work, and to acquire medical knowledge and skills in various fields of medical specialisation.

The book detailed what the visiting Doctor needs to do prior to their arrival to UK, in addition to highlighting the details about the PLAB examination and the new rules and regulations from the Home office regarding working UK.

The book mentioned in some details the rules related to working in the NHS and the meaning of clinical governance and the main requirements for that. The authors who are all Consultants in the NHS detailed their experiences in appraisal and revalidation, in addition to publishing their recommended websites list that is useful for the visiting Doctor to view.

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